About me

Hi, and welcome to my blog!  My name is Derek Colley, and I am a database professional based in Manchester (UK).

What do I mean by database professional?  I use the term advisedly.  Like most professionals, I'll willingly admit there are things I'm good at.  There are things I'm probably better at than most.  And there are things, frankly, that I'd rather tear off my arm and use it as a golf club than ever, ever touch again.

So, talk to me* about:

SQL Server  -  Oracle  -  MySQL  -  Replication/AGs  -  Cloud data solutions  -  Availability Groups - Disaster Recovery (DR) -  Azure - Performance tuning  -  Database troubleshooting  -  Data architecture - SSIS, SSRS - Power BI - Reporting - R - Automation - Database security

And please don't mention:

NoSQL - how the DBA role is 'dead' - Java - InfoPath - your legacy Access database - Ingres - shift work - EAV in the relational model -  JSON - any "urgent" (read: been looking for months) opportunities for a Ninja Rockstar Unicorn Superhero <insert job title>

Okay, time for a brief rundown of experience and qualifications:

- 12 years + experience in the database arena
- Over 30 clients, in sectors ranging from security to finance to health
- Hands-on DBA and technical leadership experience in SQL Server 6.5 through to 2016 (DBA, developer, BI)
- Qualified and experienced Oracle DBA
- Experience configuring MySQL in multiple environments including cross-domain replication
- T-SQL expert and established database developer

What about academically?

- Currently engaging in post-graduate research in pursuit of my PhD in adaptive database technology
- Finishing my Master's degree in Computing (expected 2018)
- I hold the Postgraduate Diploma in Computing (Information Security and Forensics)
- And... a Bachelor's Degree with Honours in Computer Science
- Microsoft Certified Professional (2012)
- Certified in Oracle Streams

Anything else?

- Multi-award winning DB professional
- Academic publications
- Established technical author in the SQL community
- DBS/CRB security cleared

Want to hire me?  Check out the guidelines below:

-  I'm rarely available for 'immediate' opportunities.  To book me in, get in touch for a chat.
-  Contract or consultancy, no permanent opportunities please.
-  Preferred contact methods:  e-mail, LinkedIn DM, SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter DM (@dcolleysql)
-  Agents are very welcome, but please don't cold-call, I won't return it - drop me a line instead




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