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Embracing NoSQL as a Database Administrator

There are many varieties of NoSQL platform in use today; AWS offer DynamoDB and ElasticSearch; Microsoft have Data Lake and Cosmos DB; other solutions include CouchDB, Cassandra, Hadoop and Mongo.  Historically, the DBA is concerned with only relational database systems - platforms based on SQL, like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

However DBAs have noticed the shift in the last few years towards analytics.  Tableau, an integrated analytics and BI solution that incorporates both the OLAP model and data visualization, has emerged as a major player in the market.  SSAS and Power BI are racing to catch up, with SAP, SalesForce and other analytics companies presenting a range of different solutions.

What then, is the role of the DBA?  Expanding first from relational to analytics, the modern DBA is expected to have a grasp of analytics platforms, OLAP and reporting.  Increasingly, such analytics relies on NoSQL solutions - for example the AWS ElasticSearch and Kibana offering allo…

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